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Stone & Tide (ebook)

Stone & Tide (ebook)

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This is an ebook version of the Stone & Tide.

Little can hold back the tide of war. Even stone becomes sand in the wake of the crashing waves.

After their friends are kidnapped by a band of assassins from across the sea, Orin and his companions must mount a rescue party, teaming up with the Talon Squadron, the Griffin Guard’s elite warriors, and some “old friends” as they embark on an unprecedented quest.

With the fate of their friends unknown, Orin and the others must brave unexpected dangers crossing the treacherous Gant Sea to save them. But the land of Kelvur holds secrets of its own.

Pernden and those left back home, find themselves in the middle of another dark mystery. War is coming for them, and they must band together with ancient foes to save their peoples.

Come sail across the sea!

Explore a new land in the world of Finlestia in this epic fantasy adventure for readers looking for magic and mystery; a tale where friendships and deep-seated notions are put to the test.

Buy Stone & Tide to join the battle today!

Book Two in the Stone & Sky series.

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